Origins of the Marbet Felt brand

Due to the expansion of the company and the implementation of innovative production technology for products made of ecological rPET fabric, we are launching a new brand – MARBET FELT.

MARBET FELT brand products are produced using rPET fabric, which brings to mind warm, cosy wool and which is in line with the latest trends in giving public spaces a more informal, homely atmosphere.

rPET fabric is a light, ecological innovative material made of recycled PET bottles. It not only has excellent acoustic properties, but can also be used to mould any shape of surface, which creates a huge variety of possible designs, and means it can be regularly disinfected without losing its acoustic and aesthetic properties.

MARBET FELT currently has two acoustic panel collections: ECLIPSE, which premiered in 2019, and the new collection – CELL, which has just been launched. The collection consists of a system of panels in various sizes, and includes desk panels, free-standing panels and wall panels, as well as ceiling curtains and acoustic walls. Their modular design allows Petfelt panels to be used with the majority of office furniture and in most interiors – improving the acoustics and making the workplace more comfortable. The CELL collection will be extended this year to include new solutions and functionality.

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