Solutions for improving office acoustics

Noise is the most common headache for open office spaces. As many as 70% of employees put low productivity down to noisy surroundings. CELL offers a wide range of acoustic solutions, thanks to which the majority of irritations can be quickly dealt with.

Acoustic wall panels

Acoustic wall panels effectively eliminate echoes in interiors. While wall panels can be made of a variety of materials – wool, foam or wood – Petfelt panels have the advantage that they can be moulded into any three-dimensional shape. Good designs not only increase noise absorption, but also help to disperse sounds. 

See: Free-standing acoustic wall

Desk and free-standing panels

Desk panels and free-standing panels are used to provide privacy and a comfortable working space. They are designed to minimise noise, but also help to reduce visual distractions. An additional benefit in using free-standing panels is that the office space can easily be adapted to the needs of employees – a large conference table can also serve as a workstation for the whole team, where everyone can concentrate on their individual tasks.

Biophilic design

Plants are an ideal addition to any office space as they improve not only the air quality, but also acoustic comfort. Did you know that peace lilies, weeping figs and ferns have excellent acoustic properties? They can be used to create walls of greenery, or to separate off individual workstations.