5 benefits of Petfelt panels

Flexible space

The modular CELL and ECLIPSE panels are of simple design and are easy to install as they fit together like a puzzle – providing a huge range of possible arrangements in order to achieve the maximum acoustic parameters.

Light and stable

Petfelt panels are light but also sturdy. They can be easily added to walls and ceilings, and are also ideal for electric desks as they do not overload the lift mechanism.

Environmentally friendly

CELL and ECLIPSE panels are single material products made entirely from polyester fabric, with over 50% of the rPET fibres coming from recycled PET bottles. Even the smallest panel uses 5 recycled PET bottles. By deciding to use Petfelt panels, you are actively contributing to improving the ecosystem around you. What is more, thanks to the use of special technology, 100% of the panels can be recycled.

Acoustic comfort

The rPET fabric used to make Petfelt panels has excellent acoustic properties. Thanks to this, the CELL and ECLIPSE collections can be used for increasing acoustic comfort in offices, conference rooms and television stations, as well as in private interiors such as bedrooms and dining rooms, or for home cinema.

Homely atmosphere

The office can be cosier and more welcoming. Petfelt panels are like woollen felt, both warm and natural. They can be used in office spaces to create an informal, homely atmosphere.

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