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Pleasant to the touch, in intriguing colours and with high acoustic parameters. This sums up ECLIPSE wall panels.

ECLIPSE wall panels are designed to be rotated around their own axis to achieve a different visual effect. They can be installed across an entire wall or a section of wall, and can be combined with panels of different colours. The convex shape of ECLIPSE creates a natural air cushion at the back, ensuring optimal diffusion and absorption of sound waves.

Akustyczne panele ścienne
Akustyczne panele ścienne

Functional and aesthetic

Sound absorption


Echo reduction

Akustyczne panele ścienne


A wall that comes to life. An interplay of light and shadow.

The allure of ECLIPSE wall panels is created thanks to a combination of convex and concave surfaces, as well as the interplay between light and shadow. The effect is highlighted by the elegant colour schemes. The panels are available in greys and a mixture of unusual colours, which vary in hue depending on the angle the light falls. The panels therefore combine two functions: they improve the acoustic comfort of the interior and provide a unique decorative feature.

Akustyczne panele ścienne
panele akustyczne ECLIPSE

This collection of acoustic wall panels by Tomasz Augustyniak won the main prize in the Good Design 2020 competition, awarded by the Institute of Industrial Design. Good Design is the most renowned Polish design competition, and has been held for the past 27 years.


ECLIPSE wall panels – acoustic comfort and contemporary design.

The CELL and ECLIPSE acoustic panel collections are in line with the latest trends in office space design. They not only provide acoustic comfort, but also allow office space to be adapted to the current needs of employees. Our LED ceiling panels can replace traditional desk lamps, while our desk panels, free-standing panels and acoustic walls can be used to separate off zones for guests and areas for safe meetings, as well as define the internal office space, with employees sitting an appropriate distance apart according to pandemic recommendations. The rPET fabric used to make the panels is resistant to frequent disinfecting with alcohol-based cleaning products.