Vertical ceiling panels Cell

Vertical ceiling panels

For any height. CELL vertical ceiling panels come as single or multi panel acoustic curtains in various sizes.

CELL collection vertical ceiling panels act as an acoustic barrier, limiting the spread of sound through the air. In combination with wall, desk and free-standing panels, they help to reduce the level of noise and minimise echoes, which can be particularly irritating in open space interiors. They are a universal solution for arranging office spaces dedicated to both individual work and teamworking. The light yet stable design places no extra load on the ceiling, and the installation system allows for adjustment of the height.

Akustyczne panele sufitowe CELL

Functional and aesthetic


Colour combination


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Interiors that are music to your ears. Keep it in good rhythm.

CELL collection vertical ceiling panels provide both an acoustic and a visual barrier. They bring rhythm to every interior, introducing order and calm by dividing off areas of differing character. The play of colours on the curtains creates a spectacular effect, emphasised by a game of light and shadow. Our vertical ceiling panels come in greys and a mixture of warm colours to create a friendly atmosphere in the workplace.

Akustyczne panele sufitowe
Akustyczne panele sufitowe CELL
Akustyczne panele sufitowe CELL

CELL vertical ceiling panels
– a friendly office.

The CELL and ECLIPSE acoustic panel collections are in line with the latest trends in office space design. They not only provide acoustic comfort, but also allow office space to be adapted to the current needs of employees. Our LED ceiling panels can replace traditional desk lamps, while our desk panels, free-standing panels and acoustic walls can be used to separate off zones for guests and areas for safe meetings, as well as define the internal office space, with employees sitting an appropriate distance apart according to pandemic recommendations. The rPET fabric used to make the panels is resistant to frequent disinfecting with alcohol-based cleaning products.