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Cosy and quiet. You can use CELL acoustic wall panels to create an office that is pleasing to the eye, the ear and the environment.

CELL acoustic wall panels deaden interior noise and reduce echoes. At the same time they increase the comfort of users, who can talk more quietly but still remain heard, and who are protected from noise, whether it be the murmur of others’ conversations or the sounds of electronic devices. The panels are made of ecological rPET fabric similar to wool. They create a cosy atmosphere and bring warmth and a homely atmosphere into the office, promoting creativity and efficiency among employees.

Akustyczne panele ścienne
Akustyczne panele ścienne

Functional and aesthetic

Sound absorption


Echo reduction

Akustyczne panele ścienne


The power of expression. The dual role of CELL acoustic wall panels.

CELL acoustic wall panels fulfil two roles: acoustic and decorative. Elegant and simple, but also modern in design, they are ideal either for small surfaces or for whole walls. The variety of sizes and the wide range of colours leave the field open to the creativity and imagination of designers, who can design functional interiors that create a effective workplace and a good brand image.

Akustyczne panele ścienne
Akustyczne panele ścienne
Akustyczne panele ścienne CELL

CELL wall panels provide acoustic comfort in the office.

The CELL and ECLIPSE acoustic panel collections are in line with the latest trends in office space design. They not only provide acoustic comfort, but also allow office space to be adapted to the current needs of employees. Our LED ceiling panels can replace traditional desk lamps, while our desk panels, free-standing panels and acoustic walls can be used to separate off zones for guests and areas for safe meetings, as well as define the internal office space, with employees sitting an appropriate distance apart according to pandemic recommendations. The rPET fabric used to make the panels is resistant to frequent disinfecting with alcohol-based cleaning products.