About Marbet Felt

About us

Marbet Felt is the newest Marbet Sp. z o.o. brand, with a mission to design and create innovative products according to the principles of sustainable development.


Acoustic panels
- stylish and effective solutions for managing sound in both public and private spaces.

Conscious of the negative effects noise has on us and the importance of acoustics in modern interior design, in 2019 we launched the ECLIPSE acoustic panel collection. A year later we expanded our offer to include the CELL collection. Produced using ecological rPET fabric, both collections aim to create aesthetic, functional office spaces free of noise that help ensure the well-being of employees and contribute to the development of the company. Simple in design and easy to install, they are ideal for use in commercial premises, public spaces and at home.

CELL and ECLIPSE panels are produced from recycled rPET fabric.

Even the smallest acoustic panel uses five recycled PET bottles. What is more, thanks to special technology, CELL and ECLIPSE acoustic panels are 100% recyclable. By deciding to use our panels, you are actively contributing to improving the ecosystem around you.

Created today – for the future

We support sustainable development for the good of the Earth’s natural environment and its inhabitants at every stage of our product lifecycles – from a plastic bottle polluting the ocean to an acoustic panel in your office.

Protecting the planet

Akustyczne panele naszafkowe CELL

Acoustic comfort

and easy installation

and safety

Homely atmosphere

rPET is an ecological fabric similar to wool made using recycled plastic bottles and used to produce Petfelt acoustic panels. By choosing CELL and ECLIPSE you will create a cosy atmosphere in your office and help look after the well-being of your employees.