Acoustic wall CELL

Acoustic wall

Interiors within interiors. CELL free-standing acoustic walls are a simple way to arrange interiors.

CELL collection acoustic walls bring to mind an elegant screen, although their principal function is acoustic insulation, not decoration. The moveable, light, stable walls are ideal for flexible interior arranging to answer the needs of the moment and adapt the space to the required current function, as well as to meet the needs of individual users. The walls have high acoustic insulation properties and are used to separate off work spaces requiring silence from creative team meetings, to partition off rest areas from the general office space, and as a sound barrier near electronic devices that are the source of irritating noise.

Wolnostojąca ścianka akustyczna CELL

Functional and aesthetic


Colour combination


Metal fittings

Quietness and space, the exceptional talents of CELL free-standing acoustic walls.

CELL free-standing acoustic walls are intended for office spaces, but are also ideal for other interiors, such as at home. They are useful for homeworking to separate off work space from the family’s leisure area. They are not a barrier to natural light and do not decrease the interior space, but even optically increase it.


Wolnostojąca ścianka akustyczna CELL
ścianka akustyczna - kolory podstaw

Base colours

Connection systems

Acoustic free-standing walls, free-standing panels and desk panels - arranged in parallel next to each other or at 90 degrees to each other - can be joined using dedicated connectors.

CELL acoustic walls
– comfort and safety.

The CELL and ECLIPSE acoustic panel collections are in line with the latest trends in office space design. They not only provide acoustic comfort, but also allow office space to be adapted to the current needs of employees. Our LED ceiling panels can replace traditional desk lamps, while our desk panels, free-standing panels and acoustic walls can be used to separate off zones for guests and areas for safe meetings, as well as define the internal office space, with employees sitting an appropriate distance apart according to pandemic recommendations. The rPET fabric used to make the panels is resistant to frequent disinfecting with alcohol-based cleaning products.