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Design at the service of function

rPET is an ecological recyclable material produced from used plastic PET bottles. It has excellent acoustic parameters and is easy to shape. Tomasz Augustyniak and Maciej Karpiak have used the flexibility of the material to design acoustic panels of high aesthetic and functional quality. These can be used in any environment – both public and private. This also opens up a world of possibilities, in particular for the interior design of office spaces.

Tomasz Augustyniak
Tomasz Augustyniak is the author of the ECLIPSE collection of acoustic wall panels. He is one of the most renowned Polish designers and interior architects. He has won many awards, including the Must Have award and Designer of the Year. His work, including the ECLIPSE collection in 2020, has been honoured many times with the Good Design award from the Institute of Industrial Design. Tomasz Augustyniak’s designs are characterised by noble lines, pure forms, elegance and ergonomics.

The CELL collection of acoustic panels were designed by Maciej Karpiak – an experienced Polish designer associated with the Szczecin Art Academy, where he is head of the Bionics workshop and of Multidisciplinary Product Design. For many years, he has been interested in innovative solutions for improving the interaction between people and the ecosystem. It is therefore unsurprising that in his designs he uses ideas related to upcycling and waste recycling.

Maciej Karpiak