Flatline decorative elements

Flatline decorative

Dance of triangles, squares, rectangles, hexagons. Use the language of geometry to create images on the wall.

The decorative elements from the Flatline collection can be used to create abstract compositions on the wall in seductive colours and shapes. Panels in different colours can ‘jump’ freely across the surface of the walls, bringing a cheerful mood to a room, or can ‘stand to attention’ in rows to match the minimalist austerity of a modern interior.

Functionality and aesthetics


Colour combinations


Not necessarily a black square on white... Arrangements of colourful decorative elements brighten an interior, while patterns in subdued colours give a room a chic look.

Flatline decorative elements work together as a team. Compositions made of fewer elements or in smaller sizes are great as a wall decoration behind the head of the bed in the bedroom or as decoration in the dining room or office. Larger images made of Flatline elements, even up to several metres long, create a spectacular impression in large spaces.

When a wall becomes a page from a book…

Flatline elements can be successfully used to decorate not only office interiors, but also home interiors, and even a child's room. With blue triangles it is easy to form the waves on the sea, with grey triangles - mountain peaks. By combining a square element with a triangular one we can build a house, with a green triangle as a tree snug beside it.