Ecoline decorative elements

Ecoline decorative

The Ecoline collection likes to shine…

The Ecoline collection includes 3D square elements in three decorative patterns: Wave, Orion and Diamond. Their beauty is emphasised by the colours of the fabric and the play of light and shadow. The final effect depends on where they are placed, as well as the type of lighting. Decorative panels are used both in public, commercial and office premises, as well as in residential interiors.

Functionality and aesthetics


Colour combinations


Checkmate - it's not chess, but the Ecoline collection deserves the title of grandmaster... of decoration

The best decorative effect is achieved by using Ecoline panels in the same 3D pattern over a large area - the pattern then flows from element to element, giving the impression of infinity. Connecting together elements with the Wave pattern gives the impression of a rippling sea or, when turned on their own axis, concentric, intertwining circles. Orion transports you to outer space, while Diamond brings to mind the fine art of jewellery.

Individually and in pairs

Ecoline panels look impressive in large compositions, but also make a good impression individually. By rotating individual Ecoline elements around their axes, different visual effects can be achieved. The best decorative effect is achieved by combining 3D elements of the same pattern.